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NAICS Codes: 541690  541611  541618  541330

Our professionally diverse workforce is comprised of a broad array of expertise in Defense, Federal, and Civilian organizations. From production and quality engineering, to financial management, our engineers, analysts, and specialists are equipped with the experience and training necessary to make an impact.

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System Engineering

The acquisition process is often long and arduous, in which a broad array of technical experts and specialists are necessary for success. Our workforce comprises the technical professionals to provide the required engineering support to your systems, throughout all stages of your product’s life cycle. From user’s needs and material solution analysis, to the development of disposal procedures, we have the expertise to stay by your side every step of the way. 

In Service Engineering

Even the most technologically advanced systems and sub systems require technical support after being fielded. While deployed, operational environments will challenge your system, ultimately threatening the success of the end user’s mission. Our engineers possess the knowledge to troubleshoot issues and provide feasible solutions. 

System Safety 

A critical and proactive thought based approached to system safety has proven to save lives and pay dividends for years to come. As an experienced third party, we bring a thorough and objective perspective to the accurate categorization, quantification, and resulting assessment of safety risks threatening to negatively impact your system. 

Production and Quality Engineering

Whether the functionality and reliability of your systems means the difference between life and death, gaining a competitive edge, or simply maintaining brand market value, the development and execution of lean manufacturing processes are imperative. Drawing from years of experience in industry, we employ best practices to meet your needs.

Test and Evaluation

We understand how and why, the requirements generation process is so rigorous and robust, and rightfully so. For those same reasons, quality and performance verification methods of developmental, as well as legacy fielded systems, must follow suit. Our test and evaluation engineers are prepared to design and draft thorough test procedures unique to your system, or simply serve as an independent witness to said test if required. 

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Risk Management

Antiquated understandings of risk advocate for it’s avoidance. At A&F Consulting, we understand that to avoid risk is to avoid reward. As a consequence, we seek to optimize risk, increasing the probability of realizing your opportunity’s upside potential, by decreasing the probability of it’s downside potential. We couple our past and current professional experiences with the latest best practices, to accurately identify, categorize, quantify, and assess plausible risks, in addition to their effective and feasible mitigations. 

Process Improvement

The optimization of your processes is paramount, from their repeatability from a quality stand point, to their minimization of waste to reduce costs. Leaning processes improve efficiency, recovering lost value, resulting in cost savings. These savings when effectively passed on to your customer, can increase profit margins and or improve your competitiveness within your industry. Whether you require Yellow or Black Belts, our Lean Six Sigma certified professionals are equipped to deliver. 

Program and Project Management

Today’s weather like political climates, are a constant threat to the synergy and continuity of programs at the mercy of regular congressional scrutiny. A measured, competent and creative approach in this field is imperative for a program to continue to prove worthy of monetary appropriations. With shrinking budgets and accelerated delivery schedules, A&F Consulting is a partner for success. 

Financial Management 

The public sector today faces many challenges with regards to shrinking budgets and harsh political climates.  At A&F we utilize a comprehensive approach that is centered around creativity, innovation, and strategy to meet our clients financial management needs.  Our services include complete budget life cycle and acquisition management, including compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations.  A&F consulting provides government leaders with the necessary tools to operate at peak efficiency by providing strategic tailored solutions that are designed to meet their every need.  Financial Management, change management, data analytics, and data mining encompass our unique approach to transforming and evolving each and every one of our clients.

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